SSI E3100 Additive

Sat Aug 06 2016 - Burt Wrolson

Many water-based, masonry water repellents are formulated with alkoxy-functional silanes and siloxanes. Although these materials provide excellent water resistance after cure/reaction on the masonry surface, the alkoxy functionality renders them relatively hydrophilic prior to cure completion. Consequently, water beading performance is often poor during the first few days following application. SSI 3100 was developed to assist formulators with this challenge. SSI E3100 is designed to be cold-blended into water-based, masonry water repellents to provide early water beading performance. SSI 3100 works at low dosage, start evaluations at 1-5%.

To illustrate, 2% of E3100 was added to a conventional water repellent. The mixture was applied to a masonry paver and allowed to dry for about 12 hours. The following picture was taken at that point.