Foam Control Product Selection

Wed Oct 28 2020 - Burt Wrolson

We are often asked to recommend foam control products for a wide range of applications. Generally speaking, the applications fall into one of two categories: in-formula or process aid.

With in-formula cases, the idea is to add the foam control product to a formulation, remain stable for a period of time, then provide foam control when the product is (usually) diluted and used. Detergents and agrochemical adjuvants fall into this category. We typically refer to the foam control product as an antifoam in this situation.

With process aids, foam is created by some type of agitation, aeration or other mechanical/chemical action as part of a manufacturing process. Liquid product bottle filling, potato processing and plastic recycling are examples that fall into this category. Sometimes it is best to add the foam control product prior to foam formation, i.e., as an antifoam, and sometimes it is best to add the foam control product to handle existing foam, i.e., as a defoamer.

In all cases, Southern Silicones has extensive formulation and field experience to walk through the details and provide cost-effective recommendations that actually work.