Southern Silicones

Foam Control

The generation of foam in manufacturing processes can create a host of problems, including equipment cavitation, vessel overflow and yield reduction to name a few. Proper control of foam often results in improved process and quality control. Southern Silicones produces a range of foam control products designed to eliminate existing foam (defoamers) and help prevent the formation of foam (antifoams). Our foam control products have been carefully formulated to maximize performance, minimize dosage and minimize negative effects on the manufacturing process. Southern Silicones is continually developing new products to address emerging needs. Put us to work for you!

Industrial Grade Antifoams

SSI A10, A20, A30, A40, A100

Applications: wastewater ponds, sewage systems, industrial cleaning operations, textiles, size mixes, agriculture tank mix foam control, chemical processing, adhesive manufacturing, industrial detergents
# = % actives

SSI A12 (10%), A22 (20%), A32 (30%)

Lower cost alternatives to standard line.

Food Grade Antifoams

SSI A10-FG, A20-FG, A30-FG, A40-FG, A100-FG

Food Processing Applications: vegetable washing, egg washing, potatoes, seafood, pickles, rendering, sauces/juices, extract processing, food oil manufacturing, glycerine processing, protein extraction
# = % actives

SSI A12-FG (10%), A22-FG (20%), A32-FG (30%)

Lower cost alternatives to standard line.

Non-Silicone Defoamers


Applications: industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, fermentation processes
Benefits: generally more effective than conventional foam control products when the foam is stabilized by proteins, macromolecules and similar materials that produce high interfacial viscosity

SSI NSD32 and NSD32-FG

Applications: industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, rendering, paints and coatings, pulp and paper processing, plastic recycling
Benefits: available in industrial and food grades, free of silicone oil, physically stable, readily dispersible in water and aqueous systems

Specialty Antifoam Products

SSI A544

Applications: detergent and cleaning products, textile dyeing (jet dye), industrial cleaning
Benefits: 100% active and self-dispersing, shear tolerant, hard water tolerant, dispersible in glycols, particularly effective above 100 F