Southern Silicones

Food Processing/Packaging

Southern Silicones currently offers two different product lines for food contact applications: Antifoams/defoamers for process foam control and silicone fluid emulsions for release systems and process lubricants.

The generation of foam in manufacturing processes can create a host of problems, including equipment cavitation, vessel overflow and yield reduction to name a few. Proper control of foam often results in improved process and quality control. Southern Silicones produces a range of foam control products designed to eliminate existing foam (defoamers) and help prevent the formation of foam (antifoams). Our foam control products have been carefully formulated to maximize performance, minimize dosage and minimize negative effects on the manufacturing process. These materials comply with US FDA 21 CFR 173.340 and are certified Kosher and Pareve.

Applications include vegetable washing, egg washing, potatoes, seafood, pickles, rendering, sauces/juices, extract processing, tofu production, food oil manufacturing, glycerine processing and protein extraction.

Foam Control Line

  • SSI A10-FG - 10% active antifoam emulsion (SSI A12-FG, lower cost alternative)
  • SSI A20-FG - 20% active antifoam emulsion (SSI A22-FG, lower cost alternative)
  • SSI A30-FG - 30% active antifoam emulsion (SSI A32-FG, lower cost alternative)
  • SSI A40-FG - 40% active antifoam emulsion
  • SSI A100-FG - 100% active silicone antifoam

Food grade silicone fluid emulsions are primarily used in anti-adherent products, parting/release agents and lubricants. Specific applications include machinery spray lubricants, belt lubricants, thermoforming (plastic) release agents, bakery release and general food processing/equipment release situations including conveyor belts/grills, chutes and platens. These materials comply with a variety of US FDA food contact regulations and are certified Kosher and Pareve.

Fluid Emulsion Line

  • SSI E350-FG - 35% active emulsion of 350 cst polydimethylsiloxane (general purpose)
  • SSI E5562-FG - 55% active emulsion of 350 cst polydimethylsiloxane (concentrate)
  • SSI E357-FG - 35% active emulsion of 350 cst polydimethylsiloxane (improved substrate wetting)