Southern Silicones


Southern Silicones offers a line of foam control products intended for a wide variety of industrial/manufacturing applications including wastewater treatment, separation processes, agrochemicals, material transfers, liquid filling operations, industrial/institutional cleaning, textile dyeing, adhesive manufacturing and resin manufacturing. We are continually developing new products to meet the needs of the ever-changing marketplace. The principals of Southern Silicones have a strong track record working closely with end-users of silicone-based materials to create the right product for the right situation. Put us to work for you!

Industrial Foam Control Line, Standard Grades

  • SSI A10 - 10% active antifoam emulsion (SSI A12, lower cost alternative)
  • SSI A20 - 20% active antifoam emulsion (SSI A22, lower cost alternative)
  • SSI A30 - 30% active antifoam emulsion (SSI A32, lower cost alternative)
  • SSI A40 - 40% active antifoam emulsion
  • SSI A100 - 100% active silicone antifoam

Industrial Foam Control Line, Specialty & Non-Silicone Grades

  • SSI A5510 - 12% solids antifoam emulsion, formulated to provide excellent quick knock-down. Good choice for agrochemical tank mixes, adhesives and bottle filling operations.
  • SSI A544 - 100% active and self-dispersing. Good choice for detergents, textile dyeing operations and industrial cleaning.
  • SSI NSD5137 - Non-silicone grade designed for wastewater treatment operations and fermentation processes, silica-free.
  • SSI NSD32 - Non-silicone grade designed for wastewater treatment operations, rendering and plastic recycling.